how to prevent dengue fever at home and school

how to prevent dengue fever at home

So in this, we will tell you that what to do and what not to with and many more thing about dengue and also we will tell you that how to prevent dengue fever at school and any other place because this is the main topic and we have to know that about so that we can understand about this we can make us safe from dengue fever at home or any other place and also we will tell you how you can protect yourself and also many more thing so this article so that you know that what exaxtly is that how can we protect ourself from dengue so we will tell you the points tht you have to do when you want to protect yourelf from dengue so lets get over it and know that what exactly what is and all the things about dengue.

What It Dengue Why It’s Harmful

how to prevent dengue fever but you have to know first that what is dengue Basically, it is a mosquito and its forms in a fresh place we can on freshwater this is fresh type fly bird it is very small and this is too much dangerous this mosquito will kill if you won’t know about it this will harm you when it will bite you and the gender of this mosquito female so hen it bites then after some time you will get ill and fell weakness so then you have contacted the doctor then you will get the proper treatment of it then you will be fine bt if you skip and thing that this is normal fever then you have face ven more problem and also this will down your plate late and also at that time your blood will gonna thik. So we will tell you the symptoms of Dengue.

Symptoms Of Dengue

So in this, we will tell you the symptoms of dengue so that you can identify that you have dengue or not but this will be only the prediction so if you have this problem then you have to go through a doctor and contact them and check your blood to get the report that you have normal viral fever or dengue. So now will tell you the Symptoms of Dengue.

  • Fever 
  • Body Pian 
  • Headache
  • Body Temperature Up And Down 
  • Feel Very Weak 

So these are a thing if you have then you must have to contact the doctor check your blood on the lab because this is really serious things that you have a face and this will kill you if you won’t check with the doctor and take proper treatment.

Tips to prevent dengue fever at home and school

So in this, we will tell you the tips to prevent dengue fever so that you can protect your self on anywhere so see the point that will help you prevent dengue fever.

  • Use Mosquito Net 
  • Use Mosquito Cream
  • Use Mosquito Coil Every Time In Room 

So there are the basics thing that will help you prevent from dengue fever so do all the thing this will really help you and now thanks for reading this article and also subscribe us to get the notification to get latest update pharmycare and get more article about your health.

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